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Adventurous ABC spice (Sechuan Button)

Adventurous ABC spice (Sechuan Button)

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A package contains 20 or 40 ABC flowers.


The ABC Herb (also known as Champagne Leaf or Sechuan Button) is known for its distinctive flavor and mouthfeel. When chewing on the flower buds you will experience a sharp, pungent sensation, followed by a slightly numbing sensation and a hint of citrusy taste.


Add the flower buds to salads, ceviche or sushi for a surprising and refreshing twist. Use them as a garnish in cocktails or mocktails to create a spicy and tingling effect. Make an infusion by infusing the flower buds in oil, vinegar or alcohol and use them as a seasoning in dressings and marinades. Experiment with making ABC ice cream or sorbet for a cool sensation.

Note: Use with care and moderately, as the intense flavor and mouthfeel may be different from what you are used to!

Storage advice

Place your bowl of flowers in the refrigerator immediately upon receipt. The shelf life is 3-5 days.